Brazil export in December,2021

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Analysts from the National Association of Grain Exporters of Brazil Anec expect soybean exports from the country in December at 2.78 million tons, which will exceed the level of the previous month (2.15 million tons) and significantly more than in December 2020 (161 thousand tons).

Experts note that 655.8 thousand tons of oilseed have been prepared for shipment in the country’s ports in the period from December 26 to January 1 (for comparison: 674 thousand tons were shipped a week earlier).

Thus, the total export volume of Brazilian soybeans in 2021 will reach 86.88 million tons, exceeding the result of the previous year (82.29 million tons).

Analysts also forecast corn exports from Brazil in December at 3.45 million tons (a month earlier – 2.67 million tons), which is slightly lower than the volume in the same month of the previous year (3.82 million tons). Following the results of this year. grain shipments will amount to 20.68 million tons, compared with 33.39 million tons in 2020.



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