The Production of Cooking Oil Increases 6.1%, And Decreases 2.3% In Ghee Domestically

ISLAMABAD(B – Trams ):Domesticaly the  production of cooking oil during first 07 months of current financial year increased by 6.1%, where as vegetable ghee decreased by 2.3% as compared to the output of the corresponding period last year.

During the period from July-January, 2021-22 about 272,829 metric tons of cooking oil was locally manufactured as against the manufacturing of 257,040 metric tons of same period last year.

However, domestic output of vegetable ghee during the period under review posted negative growth 2.3% as it came down from 849,060 metric tons of last year to 829,170 metric tons during the period under review.

On month on month basis, the output of cooking oil grew by 19.4%, where as vegetable ghee reduced by 4.1% in January, 2022 as against the production of same month of last year.

During the months of January, 2022 over 43,852 metric tons of cooking oil and 118,641 metric tons of vegetable ghee locally manufactured as against 36,737 metric tons and 123,701 metric tons of same month of last year.

It is worth mentioning here that the overall output of LSMI was increased by 3.9 percent during the period from July-January 2021-22 as compared to same period last year. The LSMI output was increased by 6.3 percent for January, 2022 as compared to January, 2021 and 7.9 percent if compared to December 2021.

During the period from July-January 2021-22 the output of textile, food, beverages, tobacco, chemicals, automobiles, iron, steel products, leather products, paper and paperboard increased, while it decreased in non metallic mineral products, fertilizers, electronics and rubber products.


Source : Pakistan Be

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