IPHONE 14 To Be First IPHONE With Apple Pencil Support?


According to Tech Radar, they have no reason to believe that the new iPhone would release with Apple Pencil support.

Due to the increasing competition between Samsung and Apple, rumours about similar features circulate about the other company when one of them launches a new feature or device.

This is the reason why there have been speculations about Apple releasing a flip or folding phone since Samsung launched its flip and fold series.

But, Tech Radar argues that Apple focuses on offering features that appeal to the mainstream consumers. Features such as 5G and Magsafe are some examples of such features.

One reason for Apple not doing extravagant experiments like flip and fold phones is because they only release 4,5 models a year. While on the other hand, Samsung has multiple concurrent series’ like A, J, S and Z.

It is due to this reason that Apple is not one to jump on to the bandwagon of any shiny spectacle. Apple Pencil might become a part of the iPhone family but iPhone still might take time because it does not invent devices, just reforms and refines them.

It could be that the tablet Apple Pencil becomes compatible with the phone. This will also bring multi-device functionality.

However, none of this can happen anytime soo