Utility stores raise rates of food items as Ramazan package ends

Ramadan Relief Package For 2023

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) on Saturday raised prices of various items, ending the Ramazan relief package 2022 announced in March.

As per the notification, subsidies on various items at utility stores including pulses, gram flour and dates were abolished, after which prices went up, reported Aaj News.

After the end of subsidy, rates of various lentils have gone up by Rs10 per kg. The price of dal maash has gone up from Rs 268 to Rs 278 per kg. Whereas, the price of dal moong increased by Rs10 from Rs160 to Rs170 per kg.

The price of gram flour was up from Rs170 to Rs190 per kg after an increase of Rs20 per kg. The price of 950gm tea has spiked up by Rs67, whereas, the price of 500gm dates has hiked up by Rs10 as well.

The price of cooking oil of different brands has been increased up to Rs20 per liter.

According to a statement from the USC, the federal government will now subsidise five items instead of 19. Sugar will be available at Rs70 per kg, ghee Rs260 per kg and 10-kg Atta (flour) will be available at Rs400.

Ramazan: wheat flour, ghee, sugar get the lion’s share of Rs8.28bn subsidy

Back in March, the federal government announced a Rs8.28-billion Ramazan relief package to provide 19 essential items at subsidised rates at USC during the month. Of the total amount, Rs7.334-billion subsidy was provided on three essential items, including Rs2.534 billion on Atta (flour), Rs750 million on sugar, and Rs4.05 billion on ghee.

Of the total 19 essential items, Rs300 million subsidy on oil, Rs30 million on daal channa, Rs10 million on daal moong washed, Rs30 million on white gram, Rs50 million on baisen, Rs20 million on dates, Rs25 million on rice basmati, and Rs10 million on rice sella, was given.

The government also provided Rs36.2 per kg subsidy on sale of 70,000 metric tons Atta at the USC during Ramazan followed by Rs15 per kg subsidy on sale of 50,000 tons sugar, Rs135 per kg subsidy on sale of 30,000 metric tons ghee, Rs20 per kg on sale of 15,000 metric tons oil, Rs14 per kg on daal channa, Rs20 on daal moong washed, etc.