Prices Of Edible Items Slashes At Utility Stores As per PM’s Relief Package

Ramadan Relief Package For 2023

ISLAMABAD: In consideration to provide relief to the people facing economic hardship, the Utility Store Corporation (USC) has announced to slash the price of edible items as per the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s relief package.

According to press release, the price of Atta (wheat) was slashed from Rs.950 (20 Kg Bag)to Rs.800, while the market price(according to demand and supply) was above Rs.1250 Kg.

Moreover, the price of sugar was also reduced from Rs.85/Kg to Rs.70/kg.

In addition, the government was also subsidising the price of Ghee by Rs.100/kg  More Over  Remember That  Government Increases Cooking Oil And Ghee Prices in Utility Stores  Read More ….

Rice and pulses were also being sold at a discounted price which was 20 to 30% less than the market prices, the press release added.

This stands out to be historic monthly subsidy being extended by the Government of Pakistan which was almost 50% more than the subsidy package of the previous government

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