Pakistan NEPRA Approves Rs 4.34 Per Unit FCA Charges For July

NEPRA tariff

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) on Monday approved Rs 4.34 per unit increase in power tariff for July for distribution companies (Discos), excluding K-Electric, under the monthly fuel cost adjustment (FCA) mechanism.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had sought Rs 4.69 per unit increase in the power tariff for the said period. After holding a public hearing on the CPPA’s petition on August 31.

Pakistan National Electric Power Regulatory Authority approved Rs 4.34 per unit increase as  the fuel cost adjustment for July, said a notification.

The FCA for June  charged as Rs 9.90 per unit which was only for one month.

The FCA for July  charge billing month of September, which was Rs 5.56 per unit lower than June.
It would be applicable to all consumers of Discos, except life line and K-Electric.It also not be applicable to vehicle charging stations. The impact of FCA was calculated as around Rs 59 billion which would be recovered from the consumers.

While The ECC also approved the supplementary & Technical Supplementary Grants of various departments and divisions.

These include Rs. 5,891.9 million in favour of Ministry of Interior, Rs. 96.133 billion to Power Division for payment to the IPPs as second installment (60% payment).

Rs. 40 million for the media publicity campaign by NCOC, Rs. 125.8 million in favour of Cabinet Division, Rs. 3,750 million for Ministry of Foreign affairs to meet its budgetary shortfall, Rs. 379 million in favour of MoIT&T for Special Communication Organization (SCO).