Govt Will Increase Gas Tariff Ahead Of Winter As Per IMF Demands

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ISLAMABAD: No relief in sight for the general public as the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) has demands the Federal government to increase the gas tariff in the country ahead of winter, the sources say.

The IMF Demads has imposed now another obligation on the federal government

According to the sources, the government has sought some time from the IMF  Demands to make some necessary changes and raise the Gas tariff.

They say that increase tariff will help the government collect a total of Rs786 billion which will be spent to control the circular debt of the country.

A local private tv reports that the gas tariff could go up from 45% to 53% and it has report that the government has told the IMF that the small consumers will not be impose huge burden during the fast approaching winter season.

The changes in the gas tariff will  made after some amendments in the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Act.

For the next load tranche of $3 billion, the money lender has put strict structural benchmarks for Pakistan under its implementation plan in this regard.

The latest report say that the IMF has place eight tougher targets on Pakistan besides giving fresh deadlines to meet the action.

The IMF has also demanded the government to provide electronically filed tax and asset details of bureaucrats, cabinet members and parliamentarians and make them available to the public for revival of its programme.

While  These combined with the international food and fuel price shocks led to a marked deterioration of the external position with an unsustainable current account deficit, a significant decline in reserves, and a marked depreciation of the rupee. At the same time, inflation has increased considerably, putting pressure particularly on the more vulnerable.