Lowered Sunflower And Soybean Oil Yield Forecasts In Europe

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September lowered EU spring crop yield forecasts of soybean and sunflower as hot and dry weather conditions have had a negative impact on plant development.MARS Reported

Yield forecast for soybeans reduced by 2% over the month – to 2.4 t/ha (-15% for the year; -17% over the past 5 years), for sunflower – by 0.5%, to 2.05 t/ha (-14%; 12%).

The forecast for corn yields has been reduced from 6.63 announced in August to 6.39 t/ha, which is 19% lower than
both the previous year and the average level of the last 5 years.

Experts also note that the improvement in weather conditions in some regions after a summer drought was too late,
in particular in central and northwestern Italy, western Germany, Croatia, Spain and the Benelux countries.

Forecasts Report Inculde Soybean And Sunflower

At the same time, the precipitation that has fallen since mid-August has improved the conditions for sowing winter crops 2023/24