Pakistan Pulses and Seeds Exports To China Up By 50% In 9 Months

Pakistan seed export china

BEIJING: Pakistan sesame seeds export to China surged to $ 59.09 million in the first nine months of the current year 2022, showing a growth of 50 percent on a year-on-year basis, according to the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC).

The data received by Pakistan from the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC), showed that China imported 39533.855 tons of sesamum seed, an increase of 22% by volume worth $ 59.09 million while last year in the same period it was 32487 tons worth $ 39.44 million.

It is to be noted that January was the best month for sesamum seeds exported to China from Pakistan with 26658.61 tons worth $ 39.89 million followed by September 5563.45 tons worth $ 8.66 million.

Commercial Counsellor Pakistan Embassy in Beijing Ghulam Qadir told China Economic Net that recently Pakistan’s sesame seeds exports increased to China due to China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement in seeds export and good prices in the China market.

“We will try to take Chinese investors to Pakistan to set up factories having the latest technologies that we will able to products finishing items of this product which will further enhance Pakistan’ exports to China and the world”, he added.

He said Pakistan’s government is providing many incentives to Chinese investors while transferring technologies and shifting or setup factories in Pakistan is the only way that helps to decrease our trade deficit and increase our exports.

Ali Rizwan an expert on agriculture told CEN that the government of Pakistan introduced new crops, especially in 2016, National oilseed enhancement program was launched in the Punjab province and then at the Federal level which helped farmers to export their crops.

These crops not only became fruitful crops but also fast cash crops and well-paid crops.

“There are two big advantages of the Chinese market, first the price is good as compared to the domestic market secondly market is very big if you get any order mostly it is very difficult for one exporter to fulfill their order”, he stated.

Data showed that China imported overall 891238.599 tons of sesamum seeds worth around $ 1.35 billion from different parts of the world. Niger with 190023.113 tons worth $ 285.44 million founded the country with the largest volume of sesamum seeds exported to China in the first nine months of 2022, followed by Sudan with $ 229.79 million, and Togo with $ 169.12 million. Pakistan ranked eighth and by worth sharing around 4.43 percent of total exports to China in the first nine months of this year.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan’s export of sesamum seeds to China achieved a historical figure of $ 120.44 million in 2021. Overall, China imported 92516.55 tons in 2021 and Pakistan was one of the main countries for sesamum seeds exports to China. Overall, Pakistan’s export to China crossed $ 2.57 billion in the first nine months of this year, up 2 percent year on year. The total volume of trade between China and Pakistan increased more than 3 percent amounting to $ 20.19 billion as compared to 2021 which was $ 19.60 billion