This Week Prices Of Essential Commodities Rise

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ISLAMABAD:The prices of essential kitchen items have witnessed an increasing trend during this week past against the previous week,

A wholesalers and retailers, while  explaining the reasons behind increase in prices of vegetables, pulses, wheat flour, ghee-cooking oil, and other essential kitchen items said that, continued depreciation in Pak rupee value against US dollar and Ukrainian situation are top. They further said devastating floods and ineffective monitoring by the special price magistrates and other concerned authorities are also playing significant part in hiking the prices.

Traders said that prices of all the essential kitchen items and daily use items will only reduce when Pak rupee value against other major global currencies starts appreciating, global supply improve, improvement in flood-hit areas and price monitoring committees start properly functioning.

Traders said that vegetables and fruits prices since August remained on high side owing to discontinued supply from Sindh.

They further said that the ongoing political instability has also disturbed the business activities and is one of the major reasons behind recent escalation in the prices of everything.

The survey observed an increase of Rs10 per pack of packed spices such as Shan, National, and other brands as it went up from Rs80 per pack to Rs90 per pack, Lipton Yellow Label tea one kg pack price went up from Rs1,300 to Rs1,400 per kg, powder chilli price went down from Rs900 to Rs800 per kg, and turmeric powder price went down from Rs600 per kg to Rs350 per kg.

The survey observed an increase in chicken price as it went up from Rs8,300 to Rs9,000 per 40kg in the wholesale market, which in retail, is being sold at Rs295 per kg against Rs280 per kg, while chicken meat price went up Rs440 per kg to Rs470 per kg. Eggs prices went up from Rs7,500 per carton to Rs7,700 per carton of 30 dozens, while in retail, eggs are being sold at Rs276 against Rs265 per dozen.

Wheat flour prices witnessed an increase as the best quality wheat flour price in the wholesale market jumped up from Rs1,535 per 15kg bag to Rs1,550 per 15kg bag, which in retail is being sold at Rs1,580 per bag against Rs1,560 per 15kg bag. The normal quality wheat flour bag price went up from Rs1,500 per 15kg bag to Rs1,530, which in retail is being sold at Rs1,550 per bag against Rs1,530 per bag. Sugar price witnessed a slight increase as it went up from Rs4,450 per 50kg bag to Rs4,500 per bag which in retail is being sold at Rs95 per kg against Rs93 per kg, while some retailers are selling at Rs100 per kg.

Rice prices witnessed further decrease as the best quality basmati rice price went down from Rs11,000 per 50kg bag to Rs10,000 per bag, which in retail is being sold at Rs250 against Rs275 per kg, normal quality Basmati rice per bag of 50kg is available at Rs8,700 against Rs8,200, which in retail is being sold at Rs230 per kg against Rs240 per kg, and Broken Basmati rice price went down from Rs4,500 per 50kg bag toRs4,250, which in retail is being sold at Rs120 against Rs125 per kg.

B-Grade ghee/cooking oil price went up from 5,400 per carton of 16 packs to Rs5,450, which in retail is being sold at Rs370 per pack against Rs360 per pack of 900 grams. While best quality cooking oil-ghee brands witnessed no changes and are stable at Rs2,550 per 5kg tin.

Nestle company has created a shortage in the market as a result Milk Pak liquid or powder milk is either not available or is being sold on a high rate. Traders told this correspondent that suppliers of packed milk brands are all set to further increase the prices.

Fresh milk price which past week witnessed an increase of Rs10 per litre as it jumped up from Rs180 per kg to Rs190 per kg, while yoghurt prices went up from Rs180 per kg to Rs200 per kg.

Ginger price went up from Rs330 per kg to Rs350 per kg, local garlic price went up from Rs240 per kg to Rs260 per kg, and China garlic price went up from Rs300 to Rs350 per kg.

Potato price went up from Rs50-80 per kg level to Rs50-90 per kg, tomato price went up from Rs100-160 per kg level to Rs130-190 per kg, while price of onions went up from Rs90-160 per kg level to Rs140-200 per kg. Capsicum price went down from Rs140 per kg to Rs80 per kg, okra price went up from Rs125 per kg to Rs140 per kg, pumpkin is being sold at Rs80 per kg against Rs90 per kg, yam price is stable at Rs110 per kg, cauliflower price went down from Rs60 per kg to Rs55 per kg, and cabbage price went down from Rs120 per kg to Rs75 per kg. Bitter gourd price went down from Rs125 per kg to Rs90 per kg and peas price went down from Rs200 per kg to Rs160 per kg.

Bananas prices registered an increase of Rs15 per dozen as the best quality bananas were being sold at Rs140 per dozen against Rs125 per dozen and normal at Rs120 per dozen against Rs100, guava price went up from Rs80 per kg to Rs100 per kg, kala killo apple is available at Rs210 per kg against Rs200 per kg, white apple at Rs180 per kg against Rs160 per kg, and grapes at Rs275 per kg against Rs325 per kg.

New arrival Masumi are available at Rs125 per dozen, Shakari malta at Rs150 per dozen, and pomegranate price went up from Rs200 per kg to Rs250 per kg.