Once Again Prices Of Petrol And Diesel Increased All Time High In the Country

ISLAMABAD: Federal government on Wednesday jacked up the price of petrol by Rs22.20 per litre effective from Feb, 16.

The rate of petrol has been increased to Rs272.00 per litre from Rs249.80 per litre. However, the price of diesel Surge Rs17.20 per litre To Rs280.00

The Ministry of Finance dropped theĀ petrol bomb in a tweet.

Petrol price increase

The price of kerosene also has been increased by Rs12.90, after which the new price of kerosene oil has become Rs202.73 per litre.

Similarly, the price of light diesel has been increased by Rs9.68 to Rs196.68 per litre.

Earlier in January the government had increased the price of petrol as per the conditions of IMF .

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