Pakistan’s Garment Exports to China rise by 33%



BEIJING: According to Ghulam Qadir, Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, Pakistan’s garment exports to China have surged by a remarkable 33% in the past year. This is a significant achievement because it marks a significant milestone in the strengthening of economic ties between the two countries.

The rising demand for Pakistani men’s clothing in China, fueled by rising disposable incomes and shifting fashion trends, is the reason for the expansion of exports. According to what he stated in an interview, government initiatives such as free trade agreements have facilitated increased trade between the two countries, and this trend has also been bolstered by government initiatives like free trade agreements.

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He stated that Pakistani men’s clothing exports to China in 2022 totaled $28.66 million, an increase of nearly 33% from 2021’s $21.62 million. The most popular items remained men’s or boys’ cotton trousers, community code 61034200, valued at $17.94 million in 2021.

In a similar vein, men’s or boys’ trousers and breeches with the community code 62034290 have a value of $7.22 million, whereas this item exported from Pakistan had a value of $6.55 million in 2021.” According to Combine Group Chairman Muhammad Ameen Nathani, who has been involved in the textile industry for a long time, Pakistan’s textile exports to China have significantly increased in recent years.

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This is because of increased capacity for production and rising Chinese market demand for Pakistani clothing. He went on to say that the increased demand for Pakistani men’s clothing has been driven by Chinese consumers and businesses, who have come to value the quality of Pakistani goods.

He stated that Pakistan’s garment industry’s strength and capacity to meet international standards are demonstrated by this surge in exports. In addition, it demonstrates Pakistan’s growing reliance on China as a trading partner, as evidenced by the rapid expansion of trade between the two nations in recent years. As more businesses discover the advantages of sourcing their clothing from Pakistan, this trend appears likely to continue.

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Pakistan’s economy will also benefit from this increase in exports because it will bring in more foreign currency and contribute to its GDP growth. He added that the increased demand has also led to increased competition among Pakistani manufacturers, which has resulted in better-quality products at competitive prices. Additionally, it is likely to provide employment opportunities for locals, further contributing to economic expansion.

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