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5 New Upcoming WhatsApp Exciting Features

WhatsApp is probably the most famous and fastest messaging app and it is owned by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. WhatsApp features has been able to retain the top position through constant updates and by improving the user experience with every update. And according to the WhatsApp Beta development tips revealed to us by WABetaInfo,  Here are five upcoming WhatsApp features that you should know about.

Clickable links on WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status features , the app’s version of the popular ‘stories’ feature we find on most platforms these days, is getting a small, but useful change, which will enable hyperlinking URLs on the caption in status updates. This would allow WhatsApp users to share URLs to their websites and pages, along with other interesting pages they find online, while viewers will be able to simply click on the links to open the same.

WhatsApp Premium for businesses

WhatsApp is also working on a WhatsApp Premium subscription model for WhatsApp Business users. Similar to services like Telegram Premium, WhatsApp premium would offer extra benefits to business users for as long as they pay for the service. These features include custom business links and the ability to link more than four devices together on a single account. We may even see more additions when the subscription goes live.

WhatsApp sidebar and Status replies coming to WhatsApp Desktop

A new sidebar and status replies should soon be available on the platform for all WhatsApp Desktop users. The status replies will let WhatsApp for Desktop users check out stories by their contacts and reply to them, similar to how you could on a phone. Meanwhile, the sidebar will allow easy access to the status updates tab, settings, and profile.

WhatsApp Business features to get a new Business Tool Tab

WhatsApp Business users will also soon get a new tab on the main page of the app. Replacing the camera tab on the extreme left, the Business Tool tab will be a central hub for business users where they will be able to easily access Business Tools without going through the in-app settings. These tools include Business Profile management, Catalog settings, and integration with Facebook and Instagram via ads.

Screenshot blocking whatsapp features :

WhatsApp is working on a feature to block the ability to take screenshots and it is in beta right now. The feature should soon be available to all stable users. The feature will let users set up screenshot blocking and screen-recording blocks for media files view once settings, which are shared with friends and other contacts. This will prevent other users from taking a screenshot of your ‘View Once’ media and improve privacy.

Just a few days ago, WhatsApp just released a new and improved desktop app for Windows a while ago. It was launched for Windows 11 at first, but it is finally making its way to Pakistan on Windows 10 as well. The Whatsapp Web app is available on the Microsoft Store. It was initially not introduced in Pakistan but now it has finally reached Pakistan and if you already have the web app, it would automatically be updated.

If you already have the desktop app on Windows, it should automatically update to the new version. Just as promised, the new app brings a redesigned UI and smoother performance across the board. It has been tweaked to suit Windows 11’s modern design and it is also less sluggish than the previous version. Pakistan received it late, so it already has a brand new sidebar for more functionality, which was not available with the initial launch.

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