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ATP chief underscores need for enhancing exports, pace of industrialization

PESHAWAR: Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Chairman Muhammad Faiq Shah has stressed the need of enhancing country’s exports and industrialisation. Talking to reporters here on Sunday, Faiq viewed that no matter who would be rulers of the country, they should adopt a strategy for bringing economic turnaround, improvement in education, health and social sectors.

He emphasised that the proposed crafted policy/strategy should be followed by everyone to get to the destination of sustainable progress and prosperity. If the rulers had learnt lessons from the past mistakes, the situation prevailing today could not have occurred, he added.

The ATP chief pointed out that the government and administrations in all four provinces have become dysfunctional. Faiq said that immediately holding fresh, transparent and impartial general elections in the country would be the ultimate solution to resolving all issues. He warned that protest and demonstrations would further deteriorate the fragile situation.

Hence, he noticed the nation has caught up in high confusion owing to the ‘One Man Show’ in the country, which is a major hurdle in the way of progress and prosperity.

Shah stressed that importance should be given to the system, institutions, manifesto and strategy instead of personality. He highly lamented that those people who have dreamt of making Pakistan a true welfare state “Madina Ki Riayasat’ have miserably failed to materialise their promises.

Faiq asked rulers and politicians to train youth for providing a good leadership to the country, which would be a major move/decision and achievement as well. He recalled that his party from the very first day has given a holistic roadmap for progress to government and institutions.

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