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Imran Surprised The Opposition As President Arif Alvi Accept The Decision To Dissolve The Assembly

ISLAMABAD : President Dr Arif Alvi on Sunday  Approved The Advice Of Prime Minister  To Desolve the Assembly

Also President On Saturday said  that the world was going through a complex situation and it was desperately waiting for a morality-based world order, dominated by human compassion and equality among humans.

During his interaction with the speakers and participants of Islamabad Security Dialogue under the theme of ‘Comprehensive security and reimagining the international cooperation,’ the president regretted that human history was replete with wars, destruction and deaths.

He said it was a matter of concern whether the nations had learnt from the history or not. What should be the criterion for the security of states with respect to avoidance of tussles? he posed a question.

Human nature was based upon compassion and repulsion with certain elements of phobia and motivated with a survival instinct which often led to stress and tussle among countries, he added.

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