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Indonesia Has Raised It’s Palm Oil Export References Prices From April ,2022

INDONESIA :Sets CPO Reference Price at $1.787,50 per MT for  APRIL 2022. according to report published by Indonesian ministry .it has raised palm oil reference price to $1787.50 per Tonne for April 2022 from $1432.24 per Tonne in March 2022,

Export duties remained unchanged  at Highest Bracket for CPO and its fractions and now levies are also raised to the highest bracket.


As per ministry of Indonesia the export levies from April onwards (in $/T)
CPO, CPKO, CPOLIN, CPS, CPKOLIN and CPKS to $375, for PFAD & PKFAD at $301, for SFAD, SPFAD, SPKFAD and RBD Palm olein to $291, for RBD palm oil and RBD Palm Kernel oil to $294, for RBD palm Stearin, RBD Palm kernel olein and RBD Palm Kernel Stearin and Biodiesel to $281.

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