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Popular Korean Pop (K-Pop) singer and Youtuber Dawood Kim, who converted to Islam in 2019, has recently performed umrah. Daud posted a series of pictures of himself in Ahram at the Kaaba and a clip of the surroundings.

Dawood Kim formerly known as Jay Kim changed his name after converting to Islam in 2019.

Dawood shared a picture on Instagram in which he can be seen in front of the Khaana Kaaba and announced that he has performed an Umrah. The K-Pop singer had often shared his desire to visit the holy city of Makkah and Madina, and his wish finally came true. He said that he feels like the “luckiest guy” on the planet after visiting the home of God.

He captioned the post “I am the luckiest person, Cause Allah (SWT) has chosen me and Allah has brought me here, Masha Allah ❤️, Thanks to Allah, thanks for giving me the chance to come to the Holiest city in the world. I pray for all the Muslim brothers and sisters, may Allah forgive our sins, may Allah accept our Duas 🤲, Ramadan Mubarak 🌙”
Dawood also wished a happy Ramzan to Muslims across the globe.

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