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Malaysia : Trade surplus surged to a fresh record high of MYR 31.0 billion in December 2021 from MYR 20.7 billion in the same month a year ago, and beating market expectations of MYR 22.5 billion, amid strong global trade ahead of the new year holidays.

Exports jumped 29.2 to a new record high of USD 123.8 billion, amid strengthening foreign demand and soaring commodity prices, led by higher sales of mining (37.0%), agriculture sectors (32.5%), and manufactured goods (28.4%).

Imports grew at a softer 23.6 percent to USD 92.9 billion as purchases rose for all categories: intermediate goods (27.1 percent), capital goods (21.0%), and consumption goods (13.1 percent). Considering 2021 full year, the trade surplus widened sharply to USD 252.6 billion from USD 183.3 billion a year earlier.

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