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No Shortage Of Food Items At Utility Stores in Pakistan

The spokesperson of Utility Stores Corporation while clarifying the news about non-availability of items in the media
said that there is no shortage of any type of food items at all utility stores across the country and all items are available
in abundance.

The Utility Stores Shortage is currently providing a special subsidy on basic commodities from the Federal government.
Which includes flour, sugar, ghee, pulses and rice. Utility Store Corporation supplies subsidized and other commodities to
all utility stores across the country on a daily basis.


there are difficulties in the delivery of some food items due to the road breaking due to flood. Immediate steps are
being take to solve this and ensuring the supply of subsidized and other items in abundance in every corner of the country.

Apart from this, Utility Store Corporation is also providing ration package in flood affected areas with the support of
Federal Government and Sindh Government. The management of the Corporation is always striving to provide the best
services to the public.

About Utility Stores :

Utility Stores Corporation was founded in 1970 by taking 20 retail outlets from Staff Welfare Organization. The Corporation
has evolved over the years into an organization which has its network from Astor to Gawadar.
The Corporation has a network of about 4884 retail stores all over Pakistan. This network is structured into 9 Zones
and 64 Regions. The Corporation has its own Supply Chain Management System, Warehouses, Procurement System.
Due to its large and expansive procurement system, the Corporation retails a large number of items on price lower than
the open market.
The Corporation also delivers Ramzan Relief Package and helps Government in management of Food Crisis Situations
and supplies food ration packages to disaster hit areas on the direction of Government.
Utility Stores Corporation has successfully completed a very important project of automation in a short span of time.
Under this project, Utility Stores has connected more than 3700 stores and more than 120 warehouses of Pakistan’s
largest retail stores network to the Central Database and moved all the stores to Point of Sales Terminals (POS) .
So that Customers can be issued a computerized bill after each transaction. In addition, the Utility Stores Corporation
has successfully completed the automation of supply chain management, crossing an important milestone in the
company’s 50-year history.

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