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Russian oil First-Ever Consignment To Reach Pakistan In May


During an interview with a private news channel, minister musadik malik  made the remarks, that the government has concluded a deal on productive discussions with Russian authorities to export oil to Pakistan .

He added, “The first russian oil shipment will reach Pakistan through a cargo the next month, May.” Additionally, the state minister said that the government would pass along the savings from cheap oil to consumers.

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He stated that the government would introduce different tariffs for the poor and the elite class in response to a question regarding the rationalization of power and gas prices.

Malik state that the government hoped to issue separate billing for the wealthy and underprivileged and had already made progress in this area.

He went on to say that the poor will feel better now that this tariff has been announce.

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The Petroleum Division attempted to acquire Russian crude oil last month for approximately $50 per barrel, at least $10 less than the G7 countries’ price cap on the precious commodity being taken from Russia as a result of its war on Ukraine.

Officials who were participating in the virtual talks with Russia had disclosed that Moscow was more interested in completing all of the prerequisites, such as the mode of payment, the cost of shipping with premium, and the cost of insurance, before Pakistan signed the agreement.

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