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Is Tax Increase On Sugar-Sweetened Beverages ?

ISLAMABAD: Speakers, at a roundtable discussion, have called for an increase in tax on sugar-sweetened beverages to help reduce their consumption and check the fast-spreading diabetes and other diseases.

The session, organized by Pakistan National Heart Association here on Friday, was attended by representatives from various departments and organizations working in health sector.

Addressing the session, General Secretary Pakistan National Heart Association Sanaullah Ghumman said excessive use of sugar-sweetened beverages causes multiple diseases, including heart, obesity and diabetes.

He said tax has been levied on sugar drinks in over fifty countries, which proved effective in controlling their use and preventing diseases. Sharing data about the fast spread of diabetes in the country,

Consultant Food Policy Programme Munawwar Hussain called for adopting a package of policies, including imposition of tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, public awareness and market restrictions. Parliamentary Secretary on Health Dr Nausheen Hamid, who also spoke on the occasion through video link, emphasized on prevention to control non-communicable diseases.

Source :PPI