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China Setup Pakistan’s Largest Wind Power Turbine Plant

BEIJING: China’s  Industry Science and Technology has made another contribution to Pakistan’s wind power plant construction as its completed lifting of the largest wind turbine in Pakistan.

A largest wind turbine (2.5 megawatts) having weight of nearly 90 tons at a central height of 90 meters , has carried out numerous wind construction projects in Pakistan so far including Indus Wind, ACT 2 Wind, Lakeside Energy, Din Energy, Tricom Wind and Liberty Wind.

Driven by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Pakistan has started to develop wind power projects to promote the concept of green economy. Wind power makes up more than 6% of the total electricity production in the country.

“With the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), we will continue to promote the localization strategy by further enhancing the localization construction and the function construction of subsidiaries, making greater contributions to the friendship and economic development of the two countries,”Simon concluded assuredly