Cotton Sowing Area Expected To Increased By 20% In Upcoming Season

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ISLAMABAD: Due to high domestic and international cotton prices and the incentives introduced by the government, the area under cotton cultivation in the country is expected to increase by 20 percent during coming crop sowing season (2022-23).

Meanwhile, the government is also intended to announce the intervention price of the major cash crops before the start of cotton sowing season to encourage the farmers to bring maxim area under cotton cultivation that would also contribute significantly in achieving sustainable economic development, said Cotton Commissioner Dr Khalid Abdullah.

In An Interview Talking to APP here on Monday, he said during last year’s announcement of cotton crop intervention price, local output of crop grew by 02 million bales as compared to the previous year despite 9% decrease of the area under crop cultivation.

The other factor that contributed in increasing cotton production was grower’s investment in crop management, who applied adequate fertilizers and pesticides to eradicate the pest attacks, he said adding that training programs and workshop would also be organized to maintain the momentum.

He said that the government was also making possible efforts to promote this crop of vital importance that was equally profit oriented for farming community as well as the industrial sector development in the country.

In order to enhance per-acre crop output across the country, efforts were made to ensure availability of certified high-yielding seeds, he said adding that 4 triple gene cotton verities and 7 double gene varieties were also approved by provincial seed councils for commercial cultivation in Pakistan.

The certified seed of approved varieties would be enough to cultivate over 3 million hectare and were available with private seed companies and public sector seed corporations, he said adding that the Ministry of National food Security and Research would also organize a national cotton conference, which would be attended by all stake holders including growers and the industry.

Besides, the Prime Minister also gave a node to constitute a high level committee to negotiate with exotic and local technologies providing seed companies to introduce latest seed technologies for ensuring availability of quality seeds for farmers, he added.

Dr Abdullah further informed that the ministry has also approved a developmental project to introduce and develop cotton in new areas of Gomal Zam in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and Balochistan to expand area horizontally.

He said that efforts were also afoot to bring maximum land under under cotton production through capacity building of potential farmers, provision of cotton related machinery and strengthening of cotton research system in these provinces.

Subsidy on cotton seed, white fly specific pesticides and fertilizers was likely to continue during current season as it was provided during last year, he said adding that the ministry was also working on Cotton Development Authority Act to comprehend the cotton research, grading and standardization and GMO technology licensing.