Pakistan Export Reached $ 23.332 Billion from July – March

pakistan export increased

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood Friday said that Pakistan’s exports reached $23.332 billion and grew by 25 percent in the last nine months from July to March 2021-22.

“For Jul-Mar 2022, our exports grew by 25 percent to $ 23.332 billion as compared to $ 18.688 billion in July to March 2021,” the adviser said this on his official twitter account.
He said that an increase $ 4.644 billion was recorded.

The adviser said that Pakistan’s exports for March 2022 grew by 17.3 percent to $2.773 billion as compared to $ 2.365 billion in March 2021.

“Our exports are in line with our targets and we expect to achieve our yearly target” he added.

He said the import figures would be shared when finalized by the Pakistan Bureau of Statics (PBS).

“We would like to congratulate our exporters for maintaining the momentum of exports under the testing times in the global market” he said.

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