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Pakistan Govt Fixed Prices Of Urea At Rs 1768 Per 50kg

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Industries and Production (MoIP) has fixed maximum retail price of Urea at Rs 1768 per 50kg, aimed to provide maximum relief to the farmers across the country.

According to notification issued by the Ministry here, the provinces and federal agencies have been allowed to add an allowance to be notified later for extra transportation costs in remote areas.

The Ministry informed that the order would remain in force till July 07, 2022 unless rescinded or modified earlier.

The Ministry said that it was observed that prices of urea were increased by Rs 165 per bag (for FFC, Agritech, Fatima) and Rs 249 per bag for Engro which was totally unjustified and without any valid base.

It said, the hike in prices can adversely affect the farmers and urea application in the ongoing Kharif season and consequently may create shortage of essential food items and endanger food security.

The Ministry said that the prices were increased despite of the fact that the government was providing subsidized gas to the fertilizer sector knowing that impact of subsidized gas would be passed on to the farmers, as per fertilizer policy 2022