SECP Holds First In a Series Of ‘Design Thinking Workshops For LLP’

ISLAMABAD: The Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on Friday held its first in a series of ‘Design Thinking Workshops for Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)’ to facilitate the end-user in company registration ets.

Resolving problems through digitization and by using structured method of gathering public opinion were at the heart of SECP transformation agenda, said a press release issued by SECP here.

It was with the aims of fulfilling these expectations and facilitating end-users,that SECP had embarked upon holding a series of design thinking workshops before starting its digital transformation journey.

SECP’s first ‘Design Thinking Workshop’ on Registration and Compliance for Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) was conducted in Lahore, in collaboration with SECP’s implementation consultant Ernst & Young (EY).

This approach was a problem-solving framework that was rooted in empathy and understanding of the customer needs.

Embracing design thinking puts customers at the heart of product to deliver a superior customer experiences and achieve strong business result.

The primary focus of these workshops was to facilitate the end-user in company registration, filing and compliance, and to bring efficiencies in turnaround times (TATs).

By implementing state of the art systems, SECP will also be able to better perform its regulatory role in serving its customers.

During the workshop, the SECP officials stressed the importance of ‘voice of customer’ and in helping SECP better address the needs of end-users.

Design thinking experts from Ernst & Young’s International team shared their global experiences of Design thinking workshops, where citizen-centric governments were using a digital-first approach to improve, digitize and automate interactions and internal processes.

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