Food Group Exports Grew 32.37%, Imports Increased 8 % In FY 2021-22

pakistan food import

ISLAMABAD: Food group exports from the country during fiscal year ended on June 30,2022 increased by 23.37 percent, where as imports registered 8 percent growth as compared the corresponding period of last year.

During the period from July-June 2021-22, different food commodities valuing $5.418 billion exported as compared the exports of 4.392 billion of same period last year, according the data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

In last fiscal year, rice exports grew by 23 percent and reached to $2.511 billion, fish and fish preparations increased by 3.87 percent as it was recorded at $430.654 million, where as country also earned $0.068 million by exporting different pulses.

Meanwhile, exports of tobacco from the country in 12 months of last fiscal year witnessed about 51.24 percent growth as it reached to $54.384 million,spices increased by 14.73 percent and recorded at 106.680 million.

The exports of oil seeds, nuts and kernals increased by 104.88 percent and earned $192.861 million, where as exports of meat, meat products recorded 3.36 percent growth and stood at $342.788 million in period under review.

On other hand food group imports into the country grew by 8 percent as food commodities valuing $9.015 billion imported during 12 months of last fiscal year as compared the imports of the corresponding period of last year.

During the period from July-June, 2021-22, the imports of wheat reduced by 19.12 percent as it came down from $983.326 million to $795.285 million, dry fruits, nuts decreased by 16.78 percent and it was recorded at $65.250 million as compared to $78.403 million and spices by 3.81 percent and registered at $216.184 million against the import of $224.747 million of same period last year.

Meanwhile, the commodities with increase in their respective imports including tea 7.86 percent as national consumed tea valuing $626.197 million in fiscal year 2021-22 as against $580.546 million of same period last year.

The other commodities that posted growth in imports including soyabean oil by 106.41 percent and reached at $197.156 million, palm oil grew by33 percent as it registered at $3.549 billion against $2.668 billion fiscal year 2020-21.