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Industries, Production Minister Inaugurates ‘Pakistan Auto Show

ISLAMABAD :Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Syed Murtaza Mehmood  inaugurated the Pakistan Auto Show for the promotion of the automotive and engineering sectors in the country.

While addressing the media at the inaugural ceremony, the minister stated the government’s strong commitment to help this industry’s development encouraging large-scale investment and creating a business-friendly environment for the automotive and engineering sectors as well, said a press release issued here.

“I offer my heartiest congratulation to our local industrialists and engineers who have achieved remarkable success in establishing a robust engineering sector, which is generating remarkable new opportunities for value-added exports”, he added.

The event was organized by the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers, which featured more than 153 exhibitors comprising of local and international auto-manufacturers and related enterprises.

The inaugural day saw an overwhelming response from industry stakeholders, international large-scale buyers and diverse consumer segments, as the Pakistan.

Auto Show featured; cars, tractors, trucks, buses, 4X4, motorcycles, three wheelers and exotic cars, while promoting a wide array of advanced technologies and solutions, including; engines, casting, forging, sheet metals, jigs and fixtures, along with electronics, car-paints, tools, tires, batteries, plastic parts, rubber parts and accessories

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