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Russian Grain Deal Extension And It’s Impact What You Need To Know Right Now

RUSSIA(B-Trams): Russia told a top United Nations representative that the extension of a landmark of Russian Black Sea grain deal was dependent on the West easing Russia’s own agricultural and fertiliser exports, the defence ministry said in a statement.

In a meeting in Moscow about Russian grain deal they stated that, Russia’s deputy defence minister Alexander Fomin told U.N. Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths that extending the deal, which unlocked Ukrainian agricultural exports from its southern ports, “directly depends on ensuring full implementation of all previously reached agreements.”

Russia says the impact of Western sanctions on logistics, payments, shipping and insurance prevents it from exporting fertilisers and chemicals like ammonia and that easing those restrictions was a key part of the deal, brokered in July by Turkey and the United Nations.

Russian missiles crashed into infrastructure targets across Ukraine on Tuesday morning as Moscow stepped up what looked like a deliberate campaign to destroy electricity and water facilities before winter.

* Russian air strikes have destroyed 30% of Ukraine’s power stations since Oct. 10, causing massive blackouts across the country, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said.

* The northern Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr was left without water and electricity supply after Russian air strikes, its mayor said.

* Russian forces attacked energy infrastructure in northern Kyiv, causing several explosions and sending smoke rising over the city, Ukrainian officials and witnesses said.

* A Russian missile struck an apartment building in the southern port city Mykolaiv, in one of three explosions heard there in the early hours, a Reuters witness said.

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