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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will conduct detailed investigation against the involvement of sugar dealers in the phenomenon of fake supplies in sugar sector.

The phenomenon of fake supplies in sugar sector has exposed the sales of sugar of millions of tons in the name of the small suppliers of medicines and other items.

According to an order of the FTO issued here on Thursday, Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) has directed the tax authorities to conduct an incisive investigation on sugar dealers regarding the ongoing fraud in sugar sector.

The main facts of the case are that the complainant is engaged in sale of medicines at small scale in Lakki Marwat and the monthly rent of his medical store is Rs 8000.

He was shocked to receive notice from RTO Peshawar showing Rs 13.590 million supply from few sugar mills, as his identity card was being misused by the main dealer of sugar mills.

Experts for determining sugar prices by market forces

The complainant submitted affidavit to concerned tax officers of the RTO Peshawar disowning the receipt of supplies.

He also submitted bank statements showing his turn over and financial position. However, no action was taken against the real culprit.

He prayed for directions to FBR to carry out investigation from concerned sugar mill instead of issuing notices to him.

Complainant took up the matter with Federal Tax Ombudsman.

FTO has observed that no meaningful investigation had been conducted either by RTO, Peshawar or any other concerned tax officer. Instead of investigating alleged fake supplies and dubious role of main dealer of sugar mills, the tax officers had issued show cause notices to complainant.

The arbitrary, whimsical action coupled with inattention and ineptitude on part of RTO’s Peshawar tantamount to maladministration as denied under section 2 (3) (i) (b) (c) & (ii) of FTO ordinance.

Accordingly, Tax Ombudsman has directed FBR to conduct incisive investigation regarding allegations levelled &surfaced during the instant complaint especially with reference to sugar mills and alleged conduct of main dealer of sugar mills and to instruct all directorates of Intelligence and Investigation (I &I) to conduct these investigations in their respective jurisdictions with reference to high turnover sectors like cement, sugar, steel, cigarette, beverages and fertilizers.

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