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Wheat cultivation in Punjab to set target sowing over 16.5m acres

LAHORE: Wheat cultivation in Punjab during the current month, emphasised provincial Agriculture Secretary Ahmad Aziz Tarar. All resources should be utilised to bring 16.5 million acres of land

The directive came in a meeting held to review progress on wheat plantations in the province. In a briefing on division and district-wise sowing, it was revealed that 64% wheat cultivation had been completed in rain-fed areas and plantation was underway in the irrigated areas.

Tarar issued directives for wheat cultivation in punjab completing cultivation in the rain-fed areas as soon as possible while sowing should be accelerated in the irrigated zones through the mobilisation of local communities.

He also underscored the need for speeding up wheat plantation in the paddy areas so that work could be completed on time over the maximum area.

“Field staff of Agriculture Extension should display national spirit by timely cultivating the wheat crop and guiding the farmers in every possible way,” he stressed.

The agriculture secretary pointed out that the farmers in flood-hit regions were being provided free wheat seeds of selected varieties, while in other areas, 0.9 million bags of certified seeds of selected varieties were being provided at Rs1,200 per bag along with subsidised herbicides.

The Punjab government has increased the support price of wheat up to Rs3,000 per 40 kg to make crop sowing profitable for the farmers. Under the “Grow More Wheat” campaign, a farmers’ convention is being organised while the print, electronic and digital media is being used for the technical guidance of farmers.

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