Taiwan Co. Planning To bringing a Computer Chips that Appraise 90 % of the World

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B-Trams (Technology ): TSMC  Taiwanese chipmaker is planing to bring out their most advance chip 3 nanometer technology in Arizona. TSMC accounts for an appraise 90% of the world’s super-advanced computer chips, supplying tech giants including Apple and Qualcomm.

TSMC’s founder Morris Chang said Monday at a press briefing in Taipei.”Chips are very important products”Chang, speaking to reporters in Taipei after returning from the APEC summit in Thailand, said the 3-nanometre plant would be located at the same Arizona site as the 5-nanometre plant.

“Three-nanometre, TSMC right now has a plan to build a super computer chips, but it has not been completely finalised,” said Chang, who has retired from TSMC but remains influential in the company and the broader chip industry.
At APEC, Chnag also met with Chinese President Xi jinping & discussed the semiconductor industry with vice president Kamala Harris.

Taiwan’s dominant position as a maker of chips used in technology from cellphones and cars to fighter jets has caused concern the world is too reliant on the island, especially as China ramps up military pressure to assert its sovereignty claims.

Last month, TSMC reported) an 80 percent on-year surge in profit for the July-September period of 2022, the strongest growth in two years. However, TSMC also trimmed capital spending by at least 10 percent for this year. TSMC, Asia’s most valuable listed company, said it was being more conservative in planning investments for 2023, but still expected “a growth year

Last year, According to reports TSMC’s plan to build more chip making factories in Arizona & their next plan should v more advance than this .Also Right now, Three nanometer TSMC has a plan but it has not been completely finalized .

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