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Australian Govt Made A legislation On Facebook and Google Pay For News

An Australian law making  giving the federal government energy to make web giants Facebook owned Meta Platforms and Alphabet Inc’s Google to a great extent work on content supply deals with meida a authorities report mentioned.

But the law, which took effect in March 2021 after talks with big tech firms led to a brief close down of Facebook news feeds in the country, the analysis said may need to be expanded to other online platforms.

Tech firms have struck more than 30 deals with media outlets that compensate them for content that generates clicks and advertising dollars since the news media bargaining code took effect, a Treasury Department report published late Thursday said. Let’s give

“At the minimum some of these agreements have enabled news businesses to hire additional journalists in particular and make other valuable investments to assist with their operations,” the report said.

While views on the success or otherwise of the Code will certainly differ, we think it fair to conclude that the Code has been successful to date.”

The report mostly recommended that the government consider new ways of administering and assessing the effectiveness of the law, and did not suggest changing the law itself.

But it noted that the law lacked “a formal mechanism to extend the code to other platforms”, and suggested the government order the competition regulator, which led the law’s design, “to question to prepare the report”.

Digital platforms must continue to negotiate in good faith with news businesses to ensure they are fairly remunerated for the news content they create.”

Google director of presidency affairs and public coverage in Australia Lucinda Longcroft mentioned the corporate had “furthered our significant contribution to the Australian news industry” by signing offers representing 200 mastheads throughout the nation and “the majority of these outlets are regional or local”