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Pakistan Textile Exports Fall Around 5 % YoY in July -Nov


ISLAMABAD:The country’s textile group exports declined by around five percent during the first five months (July-November) of the current fiscal year 2022-23 and remained at $7.361 billion as compared to $7.757 billion during the same period of last year, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) said.

The data of exports and imports released by PBS revealed that the country’s textile group exports witnessed a decline of 18.15 per cent in November 2022 on a year-on-year basis and remained at $1.420 billion when compared to $1.735 billion during the same month of last year.

On a month-on-month (MoM) basis, the textile group registered 4.71 per cent growth compared to $1.357 billion in October 2022.

Cotton yarn exports registered 35 per cent negative growth in July-November and remained $328.197 million compared to $503.898 million during the same period of the last year.

On a year-on-year basis, cotton yarn exports registered 60.71 per cent negative growth, while on a MoM basis, it registered 12.58 per cent negative growth.

The country’s overall exports during July–November 2022 totalled $11.945 billion (provisional) against $12.362 billion during the corresponding period of last year showing a decrease of 3.37 percent.

The exports in November 2022 were $2.391 billion (provisional) as compared to $2.384 billion in October 2022 showing an increase of 0.29 percent but decreased by 17.58 percent as compared to $2.901 billion in November 2021.

Main commodities of exports during November 2022 were knitwear (Rs88,974 million), readymade garments (Rs72,620 million), bed wear (Rs49,457 million), rice others (Rs34,909 million), cotton cloth (Rs34,140 million), towels (Rs20,597 million), fish and fish preparations (Rs11,382 million), rice basmati (Rs10,252 million), cotton yarn (Rs9,533 million), and surgical goods and medical instruments (Rs8,343 million).