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Furniture Exports Witness 80.46 Percent Increase

ISLAMABAD : Furniture exports during the first five months of the fiscal year of 2022-23 increased by 80.46 percent as compared to the exports of the commodity during the corresponding period of last year.

During the period from July 22-Nov 22, furniture worth US$ 6,791,000 were exported as compared to the exports of US $ 3,642,000 during the same period of last year.

According to the data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the exports of Gems increased by 44.19 percent, worth US $4,151,000 as compared to exports of US $2,879,000 during the same period, last year.

Meanwhile, Jewellery also increased by 4.29 percent as the exports recorded during the current fiscal year were US$ 4,355,000 as compared to the exports during the same period of last year which were US $ 4,176,000