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Saudi-Pakistan To Build Tech House For Promoting Greater Ease of Doing Business.

LAHORE:  Prince Fahad bin Mansour Alsaud, at a virtual address to the Future Fest stakeholders, announced the establishment of a dedicated Saudi-Pakistan Tech House to promote greater ease of doing business.

Alsaud is a co-founder of tech giant ILSA Interactive, which was founded in 2009 by Pakistani entrepreneur Salman Nasir. It stands as a great hallmark of Pakistan-Saudi digital collaboration excellence.

To this end, Alsaud announced a further 300+ projects for the company with 100 million project value, creating more than 1,000+ jobs in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and globally.

“I’m deeply honoured to be a part of such a respected and prestigious gathering of the IT industry with thought leaders of Pakistan at the country’s largest tech conference and expo, Future Fest 2023.

Let me say that the resources in Pakistan are very talented in all fields; technical resources, user experience and quality assurance resources have been great to work with,” said Alsaud.