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Ishaq Dar Halted FBR from Transferring Public Money Into Officers’ Pockets

ISLAMABAD: The Common Pool Fund (CPF) Rules of tax collection issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have been put on hold by Minister of Finance Ishaq Dar. As these rules would have transferred public funds collected from citizens into the pockets of Inland Revenue Service (IRS) officers.

The Federal Board of Revenue has announced lavish accommodations for Inland Revenue officers in its Common Pool Fund (CPF) Rules, which will take effect on March 1, 2023.

According to the Minister Ishaq Dar , the Finance Act of 2019 added Section 76 to the Sales Tax Act of 1990, which grants the FBR authority to levy, fee, and impose service charges on Tier-1 retailers at a rate of Rs. 1 for each bill.

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In addition, it stated that FBR subsequently imposed a Rs. POS service fee with the approval of the then-federal finance minister. 1 for each Tier-1 retailer invoice. The welfare of IRS employees was clearly include in the aforementioned levy’s objective.

This made known by way of S.R.O.1279(1)/2021, dated September 30, 2021. FBR have the authority to specify how these service fees and charges will spent in accordance with section 76 (2) of the Sales Tax Act of 1990. On January 16, 2023, FBR issued Common Pool Fund Rules with the approval of the Board-in-Council for the benefit of its employees.

Financial assistance for shuhada families, a subsidy for wedding expenses, health insurance, scholarships for children’s education, a support allowance for the headquarters, a fuel subsidy for junior officers, a subsidy for house rent, support for widows, and burial costs are all included in the Rules.

In addition, the statement stated that “keeping in mind the current economic situation in Pakistan,” the finance minister had ordered the FBR to delay enforcing these rules.