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Govt Start Releasing Stuck Containers Of Pulses To Prevent Shortage

KARACHI: The process of getting rid of pulses that have been stuck at the port has started, which should prevent a shortage of the product during Ramadan and lower their prices.

According to Abdul Rauf Ibrahim, chairman of the Wholesale Grocers Association, only 2,000 of the 7,000 containers of pulses that were held at the port have been released, while the remaining 5,000 are still in storage.

Twenty percent of the pulses that three ships anchored at the port a few days ago brought in the form of 50,000 tons of “bulk” have been immediately released.

Even though foreign shipping companies were paying more for pulses in containers than in bulk, he was unable to comprehend why previously held consignments of pulses imported in containers were not being released at a faster pace than in bulk.

He expressed concerns regarding the release of the commodity in bulk. The country and importers are becoming increasingly burdened with the cost of paying detention fees of $100 per container per day.

Because foreign shipping companies had assessed $300 million in detention fees on $700 million worth of stalled pulses containers, he argued that the federal government and port authorities should immediately issue orders to clear the containers.

According to the chairman of the Wholesale Grocers Association, if containers of pulses aren’t released on time,

The cost will rise to dangerous levels, and a further increase in pulse prices will not only affect the general public but also push inflation to dangerous levels.

He stated that, despite the announcement made by Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Faisal Sabzwari two weeks ago, they had not yet been able to issue a notification to remove demurrages from pulses containers that were in a standstill.

The chairman stated that the price of pulses in Pakistan had increased steadily over the past few months by Rs100 to Rs150 per kilogram due to the non-release of all containers and bulk cargo, but that prices would now return to normal.

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