Today Report Of Pakistan Merchantile Exchange Trading

Pakistan Merchant Exchange

ISLAMABAD:  Today Pakistan Merchantile  Exchange  of  Metals, energy, COTS/FX, and indices were traded for PKR 20.988 billion and 17,552 lots were traded.

Significant business was contributed by Gold adding up to PKR 11.306 billion, trailed by Monetary forms through Beds (PKR 3.611 billion), NSDQ 100 (PKR 1.647 billion), Raw petroleum (PKR 1.571 billion), Silver (PKR 1.180 billion), Platinum (PKR 586.672 million), DJ (PKR 382.555 million), SP500 (PKR 295.116 million), Flammable gas (PKR 217.041 million), Palladium (PKR 78.785 million), Copper (PKR 68.183 million) and Brent (PKR 42.171 million).

Three lots of cotton worth PRK 3.237 million were traded in agricultural commodities.

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