Apple To Launch Its Own Classical App on March 28

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TECHNOLOGY: Apple to release a brand-new standalone app for classical music called Apple Music Classical. According to Apple, the app will have more than 5 million classicals songs, including both recent releases and well-known classics.

To assist users in locating specific recordings, compositions will also be searchable by composer, conductor, and catalogue number.

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Apple Music Classicals will include curated playlists, exclusive albums, biographies of composers, and “deep-dive guides” for important works in addition to a collection of classicals music.

The firm stated in a release. Many classicals compositions will also be available for people to listen to in spatial audio.

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Since Apple purchased the streaming service for classicals music known as Primephonic in 2021, the app has been under development. Apple closed Primephonic but promised a brand-new “dedicated experience” for followers of classical music.

On March 28, the Apple Music Classical app will go on sale for presale. It won’t be a part of the $5/month Voice plan, but it will be available to Apple Music users on the individual, student, family, or Apple One plans at no extra cost.


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