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Pakistan Soyabean Oil Imports Decrease By 4.11%, Palm Oil Increase 65.84% In Two-quarters

PAKISTAN :The imports of soyabean oil into the country during firs-half of current financial year reduced by 4.11%, where as palm oil increased by 65.84% as compared the corresponding period of last year.

During the period from July-December, 2021, about 37,172 metric tons of soyabean oil valuing $46.328 million imported to fulfill the domestic requirements of edible as compared the import of 72,760 metric tons costing $48.313 million of same period last year, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

However, imports of palm oil into the country witnessed 65.84% growth as 1,855,199 metric tons of palm oil valuing $1.843 billion imported as against the imports of 1,629,768 metric tons worth $1.111 billion of same period of last year.