Agriculture Secretary Advised Farmers Not To Apply Urea On Wheat Crop

Wheat production

KHANEWAL: Secretary Agriculture South Punjab Saqib Ali Ateel on Monday advised the farmers not to apply urea on wheat at the moment as it could harm the crop.

The wheat was harvested almost three months back and application of urea could harm it at this stage instead of benenfitting, he said after visiting fields in different areas of city to review the status of crop.

He termed the overall situation satisfactory and weather favourable for better yields. He asked field formations spend most of their time checking crops and guiding farmers as this stage is closely related to production.

The use of urea at this time would lead the crop towards growth which would shift the focus of the crop towards height rather than grain growth, the secretary said and added that wheat should be watered 8 to 9 times and the late sown crop should be given another water after 70 to 80 days.

At this time, the seedlings are formed inside the plant and in the stages of emergence, the secretary said adding that farmers should inspect their crop regularly for timely control of wheat jassid.

The secretary instructed the field formations that in case of pest attack, the farmers should spray plain water on the wheat with a power sprayer with pressure. The wheat is part of our diet and too much spray can have serious side effects, he concluded.

Source : P P N