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China Tries To Resolve The Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine

BEIJING: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin on Tuesday welcomed talks between Russia and Ukraine and hoped that the two countries would maintain their dialogue and negotiations, and work out a political solution to realize the common security of Europe.

“China welcomes the Russia-Ukraine negotiations,” he said during his regular briefing held here in response to the negotiations between delegations from Russia and Ukraine held in the Gomel region of Belarus on Monday. “We have noted that the two sides have agreed to hold a new round of negotiations in the near future,” he added.

The spokesperson said that the Chinese side hoped that the two countries would continue the process of dialogue and negotiations and seek a political solution that accommodates reasonable security concerns of both sides, serves common security of Europe and is conducive to lasting peace and stability in Europe.

Commenting on casualties, he said the Chinese side expressed its sympathies for casualties caused during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.He again stressed that the Chinese side hoped all sides would show restraint to avoid escalating the situation, and especially to avoid a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

When asked whether China would provide aid to Ukraine, the spokesperson said that his country was ready to make efforts to ease the situation in Ukraine, and would release relevant information in due course.

To a question about evacuation of Chinese citizens from Ukraine, he informed that that over 400 Chinese students from Odessa and 200 from Kiev had been evacuated.

There would be nearly 1,000 more Chinese citizens to be evacuated from Ukraine on Tuesday to neighboring countries such as Poland and Slovakia.

Source : A P P