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Pak-China Khunjerab Pass To Reopen For Commercial Activities From April ,1

BEIJING: The Khunjerab Pass, a major trade route between China and Pakistan, will be reopened for commercial activities from April 1, 2022, according to an official notification.

Khunjerab Pass was closed in May 2020 to contain coronavirus transmission between the countries. The pass usually remains open from May to November to trade and travel activities between the two countries, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Saturday.

“Chinese authorities have shared a letter with Pakistan regarding the reopening of Khunjerab Pass with us,”confirmed a Pakistani official, saying the border will be reopened on April 1 in accordance with the Agreement signed between the two countries in May 2013.

“It is also mentioned in the letter that measures would be in place to prevent the spread of pandemic,official said.

Port Authorities on the Chinese side of Khunjerab Pass have been instructed to take all necessary measures regarding COVID-19 before the start of the arrival of goods from Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistani border authorities are also instructed to take all measures regarding COVID-19, ensuring the containment of the disease.

Between July 29 and August 10, 2020, Khunjerab Pass was temporarily open to facilitate transportation of the containers loaded with goods stranded in China