Tharparkar, Pakistan Having Vast Scope Of Developing Small Business

LAHORE:There is a vast scope of developing small businesses in Tharparkar in the fields of tourism, agriculture and e-commerce.

It was observed by Hashim Raza, Chief Executive Officer of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) in a meeting with Mahesh Malani, an MNA from Tharparkar along with a number of other dignitaries of the area.

Hashim Raza said present government is giving special priority to achieve economic prosperity through SME development across the country. The SMEDA has been tasked to manage equitable development of small and medium businesses in all provinces, he said.

“We are focusing economically neglected areas like Tharparkar in this regard,” he added.

MNA Mahesh Malani, expressing his views on this occasion, highlighted various kinds of business having potential of rapid growth in Tharparkar.

He said that area has many attractions for national and international tourists, which may be explored by creating a good infrastructure and facilities at least at par with northern areas’ tourism spots.

He assured to continue a sustainable coordination with SMEDA to lay down an effective strategy in this regard.

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