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In Ukraine Deterioration In The Condition Of Sunflower Crop In Certain Regions

UKRAINE :The State Food and Consumer Service of Ukraine on unharvested areas of sunflower Crop, rains and high air humidity contributed to the defeat of the baskets. In the western, northern, separate areas of the central regions, where rains were noted for 4-6 days in the last ten days of September, favorable conditions arose for the development.

Spread of fungal diseases, in particular areas of ukraine , on sunflower crop , respectively, for the deterioration of seed quality, follows from the phytosanitary data. monitoring of crops

“Spread is acquired by rot (white and gray), which affects 3-9, focally up to 24% of baskets (Vinnitsa, Kirovohrad, Rivne, Cherkasy regions) with the development of the disease 3-10%,” the report says.

As noted, due to a significant amount of precipitation, sunflower baskets fall out, the stems become brittle, and the moisture content of the seeds is 15%.

Also, in unharvested crops of grain corn in Vinnitsa, Volyn, Transcarpathian, Kyiv, Kirovohrad and Cherkassy regions, on cobs damaged by caterpillars of the corn butterfly and cotton scoop, fusarium develops (0.5-6, ma, 0.5-6, ma. ( 1-2%), sometimes gray and white rot (3-6%).