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Pakistan’s First Virtual Zoo to be Launched in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued an NOC for the allowance of opening the first ever virtual zoo of Pakistan. This is the first time a something like this is about to open in Pakistan and people are super excited.

This Virtual zoo is going to open Pakistan’s federal capital Islamabad. The authority of this Virtual zoo is to be given to Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB).

Rina Saeed chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, while talking to media confirmed the allocation of land to IWMB and also announced the distribution of land.

According to the statements by Rina Saeed, two third of the land will be used as the entertainment area. This area will hosts documentaries, animatronic models of animals, a visual gallery, informative 3D shows, high tech movies and virtual shows for the viewers.

The other one third portion of land will be utilized in construction of a rescue and rehabilitation center. This rehab center will provide great facilities towards animals not just within the boundary of zoo but also from all over Pakistan.

“The initial arrangements are already made, and soon we will proceed towards the zoo’s construction in federal capital Islamabad” Rina Saeed added to her statement.

Back in 2020, IHC (Islamabad High Court) gave out an order that to close down the zoo. Following the order, the animals were shifted into shelter homes. Fast forward to two years later, the idea of a virtual zoo is finally coming taking practical shape.

Metropolitan Cooperation has provided the locals with some credible knowledge and in accordance with that CDA’s land department has allotted 25 acres of the zoo’s land to IWMB. IWMB is instructed to form a virtual zoo and animal rescue center on this piece of land.

The IWMB has submitted a PC-II of PKR 500 million to the planning commission of Pakistan. People are already excited by the news of a new and innovative zoo that provides all kinds of facilities to the wildlife while also serving as a great tourist spot.