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Energy Ministry Inaugurated Two 110 MW Wind Power Projects

Thatta : Federal Minister for Energy (Power Division) Khurram Dastgir Khan, on Wednesday, inaugurated two wind power projects with capacity of 110 megawatts at the Jhimpir District in Thatta.

“The promotion of renewable energy will not only reduce our dependence on imported oil, but will also help reduce consumer tariffs,” he said during the ceremony, adding that, “Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is working to enhance the production of electricity from indigenous resources with precise focus on renewable energy.”

“The present government’s energy vision seeks to produce every megawatt of electricity utilising domestic resources including our local coal reserves, wind and solar.”

Explaining that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML- N) government had started the wind power projects during its previous tenure, the federal minister said, “Today, I am inaugurating two of those projects. It is heart-warming to see wind turbines producing electricity in this wind corridor. Renewable energy is the future of Pakistan.”

“The government is also going to start a 10,000-mega-watt solar power project soon while the Sukki Kinari power projects will be complete by the end of next year,” he said, mentioning that the vast Thar coal reserves in Pakistan also have great potential.

Talking about utilisation low-cost and clean sources of energy, Dastagir said, “We are using water technology to produce electricity with minimum environmental impact and work on the K-II and K-III fields, sources of clean and low-cost energy, is underway. The production cost of renewable energy is less than that of fossil fuels – it will gradually bring down the electricity tariff for consumers.”