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Utility Stores reduced price of ghee by Rs 12 per kilogram

ISLAMABAD: Utility Store Corporation (USC) on Friday announced that the corporation has reduced the price of premium brand (Dalda) ghee by Rs 12 per kilogram (Kg).

According to press release, the price of ghee 5 kg tin has also been reduced by Rs. 50. 1 kg of premium brand ghee (Dalda) would be available at 500 per kilogram instead of Rs.512 whereas 5 kg tin new price set at Rs 2530 compared to Rs 2580.

The New prices have been applied immediately, it added.

For purchasing the items other than those subsidized, no terms apply nor any password needs.

One-Time Password (OTP) has been temporarily abolished for the un targeted subsidy customers, now they can get subsidy by just showing the original and valid identity cards.

Only targeted subsidies (Registered customers of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) will send their ID Cards number to 5566 to get one-time password for the purchasing of subsidized items. Subsidy is being given only on wheat flour, sugar, ghee, pulses and rice.

In addition to subsidized items, hundreds of items of other standard brands are also available at affordable prices than market.