At Geneva conference, Pakistan attach pledges worth $8.57bn: Marriyum


Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb announced on Monday that a total amount of $8.57 billion has been pledged at the ‘International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan’ in Geneva.

According to Pakistan’s Resilient Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Framework, which it officially presented during the conference, $16.3 billion will be needed in all. Pakistan’s government aims to cover half that amount with “domestic resources”, including its development budget and through public-private partnerships. But it was looking to the international community to cover the remainder, with the hope that the conference will generate significant pledges of support.

In a Twitter post, Marriyum stated “the first plenary of day-long Geneva conference culminated in generous outpouring of the international community. EU pledged $93 million, Germany $88 million, China $100 million, IDB $4.2 billion, World Bank $2 billion, Japan $77 million, ADB $1.5 billion, USAID $100 million, France $345 million — total $8.57 billion.”

She stated that the second plenary session would commence shortly.

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